Daily radar heeft Bioware de titel "ontwikkelaar van het jaar" meegegeven. MDK2 maar vooral Baldurs gate II gaf hierin de doorslag. Tweede in deze verkiezing was Maxis, de maker van o.a. de SIMS.

Hier is het gehele artikel terug te lezen.

But don't let that aww-shucks Canadian folksiness fool

you; Bioware is also a company aggressively bent on

challenging themselves as programmers and using new

technology to its fullest extent. They work on the

Dreamcast and PS2, and we're pretty sure they'll support

the Xbox, although there's been no official word. Their

next project, Neverwinter Nights, is a bold move into 3D

dungeon crawling that made their tiny hut at last year's E3 the Greyhawk for gamer geeks at the show. And as if that wasn't enough, they announced this year that they've landed the rights to do a massive RPG based in the Star Wars universe. We practically get the vapors just thinking about it.