Valve heeft de tweede versie van de SDK voor Half Life aangekondigd. Hiermee is nog meer te Modden en is het nog makkelijker om te Modden."MODs such as Counter-Strike will benefit enormously from the new SDK," said Counter-Strike co-developer Minh Le. "Half-Life is far and away the best development environment for MOD authors, in addition to having the largest on-line community. With Half-Life, you can build a better MOD and have it played by a lot more people." This release of the Half-Life SDK includes all the assets available in the "ProSDK," previously only available under NDA, plus many new features, including access to Valve's new networking system, and new user interface toolkit (V-GUI). Half-Life SDK 2.0 will be made available free of charge on gaming Web sites and CDs everywhere in the coming weeks.