Creative zal binnenkort de gratis EAX audio Modeling tool 'Eagle' releasen voor niets. Dit betekent dat game developers beter gebruik kunnen maken van de mogelijkheden van Environmental Audio. Goed nieuws voor de SB live! bezitters dus!Creative Labs announced that its Eagle 3D audio modeling tool will soon be distributed to enhance and promote Environmental Audio Extensions implementation in future games. Eagle gives sound designers complete control over environmental audio effects used in their applications, thus allowing the effects to be rendered in real-time via Creative's line of Sound Blaster Live! audio cards. Eagle offers a set of tools that allow sound designers to create a variety of different audio data sets, or models, the company said in a press statement. These models include: unique environments that simulate the reverberation properties of a room; source property sets that provide initialization parameters for sounds such as distance attenuation and sound cones; and obstacle behavior models that simulate the effects of sound moving through, and around, doors, boxes, windows, or other virtual objects. In addition, Eagle aids the sound designer in creating these models through providing interactive 3D graphical representations as well as real-time auditioning of multiple data sets.