De heren van Raven lieten horen dat er leuke dingen op komst waren voor Soldier of Fortune:Stomped: The beta patch for SoF came out about a month ago but since then there has not been much word of any further patches for the game. When can players expect the next patch and the first non-beta patch and what kinds of features and bug fixes are planned? Rick Johnson: 1.05 will go into QA testing this week and *MAY* be out next week if everything goes well. 1.05 mainly has support for the Pure server option, which then we will release the game source code. We are concentrating on other SoF improvement and fixes for a future release that were not appropriate for 1.05. Stomped: Raven's last game before SoF was Heretic II and after its release Raven gave players a bunch of new multiplayer levels and game features through free Internet downloads. Can players of SoF expect new levels and more from Raven in the near future? Eric Biessman: Yes, wait and see. I don't want to go into any specifics at the moment, but we are currently working on extra content for SoF. Zo nu nog een lekkere harde nude-patch, wie wil er nou niet Mr.Mullins naakt zien?