De Avault meldt ons dat er weer een nieuwe game maker gevormd is. Deze is ontstaan uit voormalige designers van Firaxis. Hun naam: Big Huge Games. Hier vind je het nieuwtje.Game developers Brian Reynolds, Jason Coleman, Tim Train, and David Inscore have announced the formation of Big Huge Games. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Md., BHG plans to create next-generation real-time strategy games, with a focus on cutting-edge technology. The development studio is led at the hand of award-winning designer Reynolds, who amassed a legacy of hits with the design of Civilization II, Colonization, and Alpha Centauri. “Big Huge Games will emphasize excellence in all aspects of development, including design, art, technology, and production values,” said Reynolds.

Joining Reynolds are longtime collaborators Coleman, Inscore, and Train. Coleman engineered the development library that powers Gettysburg! and Alpha Centauri. Inscore created visuals for several best-selling games, including Gettysburg! and Alpha Centauri. Train was producer on Alpha Centauri, and a designer on Alien Crossfire, capping a nine-year career that began with the original Civilization.