De eerste website van America's Army was nogal kaal, simpel en zonder plaatjes. Het was dan ook hoog tijd voor een nieuwe pagina die er dan ook vandaag gekomen is. Op de pagina kom je alles te weten over deze gratis game van het Amerikaanse leger en kan je verschillende dingen downloaden. De pagina is opgezet als een soort dossier om zo het "militaire gevoel" te versterken.Welcome aboard, soldier.

Before you embark upon your first mission, you'll need to become familiar with your individual training requirements and the tours of duty that await you. First, familiarize yourself with your surroundings by studying the contents of the Starting section. Next, the Missions tab will give you a sneak preview of potential single and multiplayer operations. Keep in mind that you play a signficant part of the Army team -- learn more about this in the Characters tab above. Once you orient yourself to friendly and enemy Weapons, don't forget to review the Strategy section. You'll soon be leading your own squad and the last thing I want is for you to be stuck in a crossfire and not know what to do.

Again, congratulations, good luck and welcome to your America's Army! Fiets nu snel langs de nieuwe pagina van America's Army, want Uncle Sam wacht op je!