De veelverwachte Beta van Strike Force is terugetrokken. Er bleken nog te veel bugs in te zitten, en om die te fixen moet de hele MOD opnieuw worden gedownload. Om die ergenis bij veel mensen te voorkomen is de beta van het Net gehaald. Hier is de uitleg van het StrikeForce Team:Since I got around 20+ e-mails (all which I answered) concerning the same subject, I've decided to post a few clarifications to lessen the load on my mail server ... First of all ; the Beta was not taken down to annoy people, but because some major problems appeared in the final compilation and may no be fixable through a patch. So instead of people downloading the same thing twice (and a big thing) and possibly confusing between both Betas (yes it happens) Optimizer took the Beta down ... Secondly ; I got more than one e-mail saying that we got everyone's hopes up for nothing and that we're f...ers. Well, our apologies for the false expectations, but the Beta worked fine until the last compilation, and that's why we announced the release date. Unexpected problems arose, and the best way to hand them was to take the Beta down. Believe me ; if we could've dealt with it in another way we would have ! Oh and thanks to everyone who sent in their encouragements and support ; it's really nice to see that some people consider the work we've put into the Beta and don't insult us ... =( Once again ; thanks for your patience and comprehension of the problem. Ik had hem net binnen met casema... Kan ik hem nog een keer gaan binnenhalen binnenkort