GameSpot deelde haar “best of 2000” awards niet alleen uit aan ieder genre, maar ook aan de punten zoals graphics, verhaal en sound. Natuurlijk zijn ook de gebruikelijk uitreikingen zoals multiplayer- en expansion pack van het jaar aanwezig.Best Music

Music is an important part of any gaming experience. It can set the tone for an entire story, one scene, or even a single action, but more importantly, music serves as a guide in an unfamiliar world that can tell you when you're safe or when you're approaching danger. However, only the best musical scores succeed in establishing the mood for nearly every aspect of a game, while others serve a less dynamic purpose. Each game nominated this year has excellent music that works well, but the musical score for Icewind Dale is unmatched in both quality and scope.

In fact, as a testament to the quality of the score, Interplay actually sells the soundtrack separately from the game through its Web site. Of course, Icewind Dale's amazing musical score wouldn't be possible without the talent of its composer, Jeremy Soule. Soule is no stranger to the world of game music. He is also the composer behind the highly acclaimed musical score for the real-time strategy game Total Annihilation, as well as this year's funny action game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. De volledige lijst is hier terug te vinden.