Maximum3D heeft een aertikel geschreven over het benchmarken (sorry, weet er ff geen nederlands woord voor, breng teveel tijd door op engelse game sites denk ik)van je computer. Iedereen die altijd al heeft willen weten hoe dat moet raad ik aan even naar deze site te surfen. En zoals altijd een stukje plak :I built my game rig about 2 months back, and like all perfomance freaks, I wanted to see how well my new system stacked up against the competition. So I did a little research to see how everybody "in the industry" tested thier game systems. Now before I get too much further, let me just say that there are about a million and one benchmark programs out there made by various developers that all measure various aspects of system performance. However, concerning game rigs all we really need to focus on is measuring the performance of our CPU and graphics sub systems. By measuring and combining these two through different testing methods, we derive our base and max 3D performance data.