Bij een of andere Geocities site hebben ze een testje gemaakt om te zien hoe lame je speelt in Counter-Strike. Met deze test kom je dingen over jezelf te weten die je niet zou verwachten, want zelfs een van de mensen van CS Nation kwam als lamer uit de test .You are a lamer if...

- You scream "cheater!!! vote the cheater out!" every time you die.

- You have a special key just for the radio message "You take the point", and u know where that key is by heart.

- When you see a team-mate with a nice shiny para, you will shoot him in the head with your glock.

- Having FF on helps you with that, but if it's off, you can always keep shooting his head while he's fighting... and then take his para.

- When you are dead and you see your team is losing, you move to the other team before round end, to get more cash.

- You buy a para after everyone have agreed on a knife fight. And you use it too.

- You have TNT2 Ultra whatever fancy 3D card, so you buy a smoke grenade, toss, buy another one, toss it, and so on. Needless to say your grin might cause permanent damage to your lower lip. En nog veel meer van dit soort vragen... De vraag is dus: ben jij een lamer? Ik, als heilig boontje , dacht natuurlijk van niet... Tender lameness, maybe there's hope for you. Maybe notMaar ik had het mis