Er zijn wat details bekend over de race game Beetle Buggin' met (zoals de naam al zegt) allemaal kevertjes. Dit omdat de makers kever verslaafden zijn. Volgens deze zelfde makers onderscheidt de game zich door een erg sterke engine.Not satisfied with primarily developing the best engine or the best graphics, Xpiral says there will be other advantages too. "The first advantage is its originality as no other racing game offers the amount of different playing possibilities that Beetle Buggin' has," stresses Tartaj. "Another advantage is the ambiance of the game. The world we've created isn't real and it never will be, but after playing the game you begin to wish that it was real. The final advantage is something, which is very hard to explain in depth, and it's perhaps difficult to understand unless you've seen the game running and it's that this game has a soul." He continued, "This is absolutely essential; all the great games must have it. The best games aren't necessarily the ones with the best engine or the best graphics, they can even be quite simple, but something they all have in common is their soul; they are a perfect blend of all the different elements and there is something inexplicable which makes them works of art. It doesn't matter whether the game sells well or not, as that depends on a lot of things, but whatever happens we're happy with the result. We've tried to put things in from ourselves and the players will definitely appreciate and enjoy the game."Aan het eind van deze maand moet de game in Amerika gereleased worden. GA-Source heeft al vast een Preview online gegooid.