Beasts, vanmorgen aangekondigd, nu al details bekend en een screenshot uitgegeven.

Beasts promises breathtaking 3D environments inhabited by Yeti - truly individual creatures who think and act for themselves thanks to the company's innovative technology. Beasts will be the company's first fully 3D title and is provisionally scheduled for release in Q2 2001. The game's objective is to guide and control the actions of a small group of Yeti who must overcome a serious crisis that threatens their existence. A large mining company has started up operations near the Yeti, and, as a result, poisons their environment. Players must drive the mining company out by any means necessary. The Yeti tribes feature dominance hierarchies, realistic mating habits and complex social structures. To win, players will have to deal with a number of specific, time-pressured missions. Between missions, they will have a more general responsibility for their charges, ensuring that their Yeti prosper and multiply and are ready for the next challenge. Multi-player options range from 'death-match' conflicts between Yeti tribes, to open-ended play, in which players can observe their beasts interacting with no set goals. Using a third person, God's eye view with zooming and camera-control, the game also provides realistic, living ecosystems with annual cycles and growth patterns. Individual Yeti are controlled by their impressive biochemical drive systems and neural net brain structures which allow them to learn and adapt to situations. Bekijk de rest hier

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