Heb je weer eens zin om gewoon wat helikopters uit de lucht te knallen of wat tanks op te blazen?

Dan hoef je niet zo lang meer te wachten want Beach Head 2000 wordt aan het eind van Juni al in de winkels verwacht.In Beach Head 2000, the player will defend against an all out enemy marine invasion. The player will be situated on a static beach fortification (bunker) with a variety of (target specific) weapons and ammunition at their disposal to defend against an invasion task force. An assault force composed of carriers, warships, transports (troops and vehicles) and cargo ships, landing craft, amphibious vehicles and landing troops-marines with their supporting armor and aircraft.

Unlike the original game, BH-2000 not only has the advantage of photo-realistic graphics and realistic special effects to add to the simple satisfaction of shooting down targets but with the addition of realistic machines, realistic effects and sophisticated physics, fast and accurate cause and effect (tracers, water splashes explosions dust poofs, sparks) feedback, sophisticated enemy AI and in full 3D. True 3D with 360 degree viewing and field of fire. Klik hier voor meer informatie en screenshots.