Media & Games Online heeft een preview geschreven over BattleField: 1942. Dit spel, gebasseerd op de engine van Codename Eagle, belooft een waar spelfestijn op te gaan leveren.

In een realistische setting kan je WOII gaan naspelen met een TF2 smaakje. Je kan verschillende classes spelen en je hebt de mogelijkheid om voertuigen te besturen zoals vliegtuigen, tanks, jeeps en zelfs een slagschip !. Klinkt veelbelovend, je moet alleen tot Q3 2001 wachten voordat je kan gaan spelen.Aside from the graphics the next big attraction of BF:1942 is the number of roles you can assume. Of course you have standard infantry, who have access to a number of period weapons, grenades and mines (even those sticky mines from the final scene of SPR), also included is a medic class, who hasn't got all the weapons options, but can help your team out in the field, as well as the ubiquitous sniper class, getting a period sniper rifle to kit him out. With the planned ability to serve 32 players per game across the net and 64 players on a LAN, it becomes obvious with the class selections that this is a team-based game. But wait, there's more. Having your troops is fine, but hey, World War 2 wasn't just the infantry. True to CE form, BF:1942 will include a number [ Understatement -Ed ] of player controllable vehicles, in the air support area we have everything from mustang fighters and stuka dive-bombers, to B17's that multiple players can man (one pilot, a few gunners and a bombardier). Onto the artillery and we have tanks, anti-aircraft guns, missile trucks and troop transports, all of which can be manned by players. Going further we have sea based units, Battleships that a number of players can man at once (a captain, some gunners, a boarding party) and we even get U-boats rounding out the remarkable number of roles that a player can perform. With all these options available, I'll say yet again that team based play will be the winning element of BF:1942 (even if they hadn't told me, it would be very easy to tell the many of the developers are Counter-Strike fanatics, In fact a few of them have been in touch with the CS guys (not in a development sense, it was to get CS working behind the DICE office firewall :P )). While mentioning the ability to fly, drive, and captain all these vehicles, its good to know that they will all have very distinct physics models, rather then being generic attack vehicles.

Je kan er meer info over vinden bij Media & Games Online