GA-Source heeft Liquid ondervraagt over hun nieuwe real-strategy titel 'Battle Realms'.Although Liquid is made up mostly of refugees from Westwood Studios, the team doesn't want to hide behind their past successes. "I think any fear of not living up to your reputation gets washed away when you believe in what you're doing," Ed Del Castillo, President of Liquid Entertainment told us. "I really dig what we're doing now... a new company, new people, new publisher, new location, and what's stacking up to be a really cool and exciting game." Their first title to hit the market "Battle Realms" is a 3D real-time strategy game set in an Asian-inspired landscape, that promises to merge the "over the top" concepts of japanese anime with real-time martial arts combat. And while most real-time strategy games seem to skip any resemblance of a plot, Battle Realms promises to immerse players in a detailed and story-driven fantasy world.

Deze game moet over ongeveer een jaar in de shops liggen.