Battle Isle is al bijna 9 jaar een toonaangevende titel in de gameswereld. Blue Byte laat de serie gelukkig niet doodbloeden en is druk bezig met Battle Isle: The Andosia War. deed een preview van deze veelbelovende titel.Forty units feature, including submarines and aircraft as well as the usual array of tanks and infantry frequently found in this game. As ever, the key to success is successful economic management - without that you'll be going into battle with an awfully small number of under-equipped troops.

There will be real-time weather and day/night cycles, both of which can effect visibility and operational effectiveness.

Graphically the game is up there with Dark Reign II and Ground Control. It has a very flexible 3D system that permits the player to zoom in and out of the action by just using the mouse-wheel. The game also has a number of camera-follow modes that lock onto missiles and watch as they swoop towards their target. Although it could be dismissed as mere eye candy, it's a feature that will no doubt help what is essentially still a turn-based game appeal to less hardcore gamers Zo te zien wordt dit wel een waardige opvolger voor de befaamde Battle Isle reeks, je kan er meer over lezen in de preview.