Blue Byte heeft een demo vrijgegeven van het nieuwste deel in de Battle Isle serie. Dit deel belooft weer veel gameplay en nog meer grafisch geweld The demo scenario takes place on a very beautiful island called Lohoc, which is situated in the archipelago of Raldhan. Gamers will be introduced to the environment by Battle Isle/Incubation veteran, General Bratt. Players must set up base using old fortifications, before moving the bulk of their forces over to the Battle Isle to engage in combat with the enemy. This must be done by carving a path along a heavily guarded roadway, before the player's surviving forces can finally arrive at the enemy's encampment. From there they will need to knock out a radar installation, and then use stealth to mass their forces before destroying the main arsenal of the enemy. De demo weegt 66 Mb en is bij deze url te vinden.