Na deel 1, 2 en 3 kon deel 4 in de serie van Battle Isles natuurlijk niet uitblijven. Blue Byte zette 5 jaar geleden een goed concept neer met Battle Isle. Met deel 4 gaan ze, net zoals iedereen, de 3d kant op. Om alle fans in bedwang te houden is er een site gemaakt.Autumn 2000 will see the fourth installment to the legendary strategy game BATTLE ISLE created by Blue Byte, and will ensure gamers are pitching their wits against each other in a unique blend of turn-based and real-time conflict simulation. BATTLE ISLE: THE ANDOSIA WAR will be coupled with sensational 3D graphics and an engrossing story that will show the shape of things to come in the development of the strategy game genre. Blue Byte also plans to further expand the website on an interactive basis in the next few months to give hard-core strategy gamers a special opportunity to help shape the final form of the game in what could be one of the biggest online beta testing phases of all time. Beta test announcements will be revealed soon at www.Battleisle.comDe site staat hierboven