Nadat de film zwaar afgebrand was door bijna alle film resencenten en andere critici zit er voor John Travolta misschien geen vervolg in. Waarschijnlijk wel voor zijn virtuele "ik". Er zal een Battle Field Earth game van komen en een animated serie.

When does the hurting stop Although the movie failed to inspire, Director Roger Christian announced at Dragon Con that there are plans for a sequel, a computer game, and an animated series. Roger Christian recently spoke at Dragon Con on several Battlefield Earth panels, during which it became clear that despite the film's poor box office performance and negative critical reaction, plans may still be afoot for a sequel, covering the second half of L. Ron Hubbard's sci-fi opus, reports Cinescape Online. According to Christian, he and Travolta remain in contact in discussing a sequel, and most of the crew would be willing to return for a second film as well. "The last night we were shooting, I looked at the crew," said Christian. "Usually at that time everybody just scurries off, but the crew stayed on the set for hours afterwards. I think universally, every one of them said they'd like to work together again. Sometimes these things sort of gel together under adversity, and that certainly happened this time." Also announced at the panel were a Battlefield Earth computer game and an animated series, both expected next year. Wow Scientology Gamers.........brrrr ik moet er niet aan denken. Als je hoorde dat de Scientology Church in de film allerlei geheime boodschappen had verstopt zodat je ook bij die "club" kwam ben ik benieuwd wat ze doen bij een game.........een simpele epilepsie waarschuwing zal niet meer volstaan Battlefield Earth game