Avault schrijft dat Bioware, de makers van BG2 plannen hebben om BG2 veel eerder dan verwacht uit te brengen namelijk al morgen. misschien is dit dan een gerucht maar zo niet dan moeten de mensen wel snel naar de winkel morgen rennen. Remember when the computer role-playing game was declared dead? Just a few years ago, the genre's potential seemed to be exhausted.

Only a few developers dared to venture into RPG territory, which seemed to be commercial and critical suicide. Some naysayers even predicted that this was the end of a proud tradition that began on some of the earliest computer systems. Today, the CRPG is thriving, due in large part to the efforts of Black Isle Studios and Bioware. These developers almost single-handedly revived interest in the genre with their

post-apocalyptic masterpiece Fallout, then turned their attention to the most traditional of role-playing systems, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Their first AD&D game, Baldur's Gate, was a sprawling fantasy epic that became a commercial and critical success. Set in the

popular world of the Forgotten Realms, it and its expansion pack revisited everything that made the genre great, while providing an innovative

and entertaining RPG experience at the same time. Now Black Isle and Bioware are looking to return players to the Realms for another stunning CRPG adventure in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn...

Run forest.. Run...

Update: De officele datum is nogsteeds 29 september maar mogen al worden verkocht, dus er is morgen al een grotere kans van verkoop van BG2.