Houd je ervan om Baldurs Gate2 te spelen als een "good guy", maar snap je er weinig van: GameSpy geeft je de helpende hand. Ze hebben namelijk een 7 pagina's lange guide geschreven over de RPG.If you're like me, you find it just doesn't pay to be the good guy sometimes. You miss out on all the easy ways to get rich like stealing, mugging, killing other good guys, and worst, Viconia! Well, it's not all weeping for love lost as a good guy. A party of heroes has the easiest time with a game of BG2, gets the most experience, and gets to reap the rewards of a high reputation. Plus, they are comprised of stronger characters like Anomen, Keldornn, and Aerie. To help you reap all those rewards have to offer, read on. Schieten of sluipen? Prerefeer je sluipen; ga dan snel naar deze pagina en anders ... ga je maar lekker niet