Het wachten is bijna voorbij (nou ja, nog zo'n 2/3 maanden) en Beta Bites gooit er nog maar eens een preview tegen aan. Zo leren we dat de 2e versie van deze RPG weer uit 4 cd's bestaat en de resolutie deze keer 800x600 is.Let's begin with the differences and improvements between Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II. Probably, one the best improvements has to be in screen resolution size. The original BG game resolution size only played in 640X480. BGII now supports a resolution size of 800X600. Although, Bioware is still using the Infinity game engine from Baldur's Gate, BGII shows a modified Infinity engine that displays spells with 3D effects, fog of war, and the animations now show some dimension to them by increased frame numbers.

The interface looks pretty much the same with with one major improvement; it now supports three separate panels. You have the ability to toggle on and off your choice of panels within this interface by hitting the "H" key. Were we speaking of keyboard configuration? I can't rave enough on how I prefer the Bioware method of allowing the gamer to configure the keys, and in an easy to manipulate manner. Look above at the only "white" screenshot - that is the keyboard configuration panel. BGII with all its spells, inventory items, and party characters, utilizes an integrated keyboard/mouse system for movement and contol. You can actually set up different hotkeys to perform different actions with the same weapon.

Genoeg previews nou, laat ze maar eens met een demo komen!