Firingsquad heeft alweer een korte preview in elkaar geflanst over Baldur's Gate 2, een van de meeste verwachtte RPGs van dit jaar. Een van de beste features werd de nieuwe resolutie (800x600) gevonden, wat natuurlijk veel mooier is dan de oude Baldur's Gate. De look & feel is iets beter, de menuutjes zijn wat bijgewerkt om het net wat beter te maken. Tenslotte hebben we nog 3 nieuwe classes en een nieuw race:Monks are a melee-oriented fighter class with devastating attacks and bonuses. As they go up in levels, their fists strike more often and do more damage, as well as gaining the ability to hit magical creatures. They can also use any weapons allowed thieves. Barbarians are fighters too, but of little skill and much natural ability. They can specialize but do not gain mastery in weapons and cannot wear plate mail or better armor. To compensate, they move faster and gain more hitpoints per level than a fighter, and can enter a rage at will. Finally, sorcerers are the wizard's versions of a barbarian. While normal magicians must study long and hard, bending and stretching their minds to be able to wield magic, a sorcerer has natural magical abilities. They do not memorize spells and they do not need spellbooks. Their spells come naturally to them as they gain levels, and they can cast them repeatedly without needing to memorize. However, since they don't learn from scrolls, the spell selection is quite low. The Half-Orcs are much like you remember them. They're big, bad, ugly, tough as rock and almost as smart. Naturally, they make for good brawlers and fighters if not spellcasters.