We hebben een kleine preview van Baldur's Gate 2. Je kunt de preview hieronder lezen.The Black Isle and Bioware teams are making quite a name for themselves as premier makers of RPGs. The builders/publishers of the critically acclaimed Baldur's Gate actually have three good looking games in the works, but Baldur's Gate II is the closest to home for most players. The return to the familiar world set in the AD&D second edition rules will come with plenty of new experiences. The core of the game will retain the style of the first, but almost every facet of the engine is being enhanced. The graphics will support resolutions of 800x600, and the developers are packing over 100 new spells, 20 new kits and classes, new creatures, and hundreds of new magic items into the mix. The combat engine will allow characters to fight with one or two weapons, and the interface will support drop away panels to give more viewable space. Bioware hopes this will make the experience richer and more story focused. Je kunt hier nog een paar screens zien.