Onderhand is heel Nederland aan de Black & White. Om al de uren die je er in steekt niet voor niets te laten zijn heeft Orbitirc een backup tool gemaakt. De tool heeft gisteren versie 2.10 bereikt. Deze versie heeft een aantal kleine verbeteringen.HOW TO BACK UP YOUR CREATURE AND SAVEGAMES

1) Click on the 'Start Backup..' button.

2) Enter a description for this backup. The description is optional.

3) Click OK.

4) A message will appear when the backup is complete. The backup could take up to 20 seconds.

5) Your backup files are placed in the /archives/profilename subfolder

where you installed BWBackup. There you will find a data.reg file which holds the registry data necessary for a restore. There should be an archive.ini file that contains the description and date of the archive. You will also see a folder that looks like

_R_U_S_S0020_B_E_U_K_E_R (substitute your profile name). This folder contains your savegames and creature info.


1) Click on the restore tab.

2) Select a backup from the list. Each time you backup it will be added to this list.

3) Click on the 'start restore' button.

4) You will be asked if you want to do a backup before you restore. It is recommended that you say yes to this so you have a backup JUST IN CASE you weren't thinking too straight when you did this (sleep deprivation from gaming perhaps?).

5) A message will appear saying when the restore is complete. This could take up to 20 seconds Je kan hier versie 2.10 downloaden. Er zitten nog wat bugs in en mocht je er een tegenkomen kan je die mailen naar bwbackup@orbitirc.com.