3D Action Planet heeft een review geschreven over B17: Flying Fortress. De reviewer was uiterst positief over gameplay, realiteitsgehalte en vooral over de uitstekende graphics. De game ziet er namelijk geweldig uit (zie screens), met als enige nadeel dat je je toch een behoolijke bak zult moeten aanschaffen voordat je dit grafische hoogstandje in volle glorie kunt bewonderen. As the flak intensifies and the screams of your wounded and dying crewmembers echo in your virtual ear, you then become the calm, cool and collected bombardier taking command of the B-17's flight and payload delivery controls. Below, staring down through the meticulously recreated Norden bombsight, is the northern European countryside of 1943. Ahead, somewhere beneath the wispy clouds that fade and return, along with the clouds from the exploding flak around you, is your target. You must find and lock the bomber group's approach vector towards the target while performing careful adjustments to compensate for targeting drift due to wind and engine failures. Finally, the flak storm subsides, the bombs have been dropped and the quiet pleas for help from your wounded crewmembers now become near-death screams. Rather than playing the part of a first-person machine-gun shooter, you are a first-person healer. Selecting the closest able bodied crew member to either patch up an injured tail gunner or help extinguish one or more fires that can break out anywhere on the B-17 (including the engines and, gulp, yup you guessed it, the bomb racks), you pray for the best and worry about the worst. De volledige review.