Zoals het bij de meeste goede games hoort krijgt ook Alien versus Predator een Gold edition. In dit spel kan je in de "huid" kruipen van een marine, the predator of van een alien. Wat de Gold edition toevoegt kan je hieronder lezen .Now here's Aliens Versus Predator Gold, the souped-up version - although in truth this is more like the game AvP should have been on first release. There's not a heck of a lot of difference to the original, overall. You get nine new multiplayer levels, a couple of new weapons for the Marine (automatic pistols and The Skeeter), and the much longed-for in-game save, which was originally added with the first patch.

The game engine has also been tweaked slightly to

look and play better with the latest generation of video

cards, though it's hardly Quake 3 Arena, being

functional rather than beautiful. Finally, the game

comes bundled with the Prima Official Strategy Guide,

which ain't bad for free.Jammer dat de prijs er niet bij stond want zoveel is er nou ook niet aangepast.

AvP Gold(en) melkkoe.