G3d heeft een interview gehouden met de publisher van Avault, Brian Clair. Dus als je een concurrende site van ons wilt starten (liever niet), dan is het wel erg interessant om dit te lezenHow did Adrenaline Vault come to be? As I recall, the Adrenaline Vault was originally started in a VRML world called Alphaworld back in 1995 by Angel Munoz. Back then the site only dealt with first-person shooters and action games which were (and still are) Angel's primary interest. It was shortly after then that Angel created a web version of Adrenaline Vault and I joined up with him shortly thereafter. From there things just snowballed into the site we've got today.G3d interviewt steeds andere webmasters. Dus misschien is Jimmy volgende week wel aan de beurt