Atari lijkt steeds smerigere trucs uit de kast te halen om over de rug van de nietsvermoedende gamer geld te verdienen. Eerst gaf de uitgever, op twee partijen na, niemand een review exemplaar van Driv3r. Die twee partijen, waaronder de website Games Radar, gaven het spel een dikke negen. Een zeer "bijzondere" situatie, want het spel scoort bij de meeste websites en bladen tussen de 3 en 6, wat aangeeft dat het een zeer slecht spel is. Iets dat Atari waarschijnlijk wist en met deze actie probeerde te verbloemen. De uitgever lijkt echter nog een stapje verder te gaan, want op het forum van Games Radar zouden PR mensen van Atari het forum geinfiltreerd hebben, om daar het spel te verdedigen.ATARI PEOPLE INFILTRATE GAMESRADAR!!!!!!! This is an absolute outrage!!!!!


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Babel is one of the world's leading providers of specialist services to the games and interactive entertainment industries. These include localisation, QA, porting and creative services. Clients include many of the largest international games publishers such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Atari, Activision, Sony, THQ, Codemasters, BBC, Eidos, Acclaim, Empire and Konami and interactive television companies such as BSkyB.

This is where the IP addresses of billywigs and Kingchopper originate from.

You complete and utter disgraces!!!

By the way, for those people who don't understand what has taken place, here are the 2 members' valuable contributions to GR since joining......surprisingly they're all about Driv3r.

gchopper wrote:

Got me my copy on release day!

Still going strong for me, I'm quite suprised that some people find the controls hard or the out of car stuff awkward, for me, I find it all quite well balanced.

And there is nothing quite like diving out of a car while still moving then quickly dragging another guy out his car

Superfast car switching lol

I just need to stay sat in one car long enough to finish the missions hehe

billywigs wrote:

hey shellshock, think you are being a bit harsh? deserves more than 5/10 surely? How far through the game have you played? I haven't actually come accross any major glitches, just the odd graphics screw up! IMHO it should be more like 8/10. Purely cos its so much fun..

don't think it's slightly wrong to keep comparing gta and driv3r? driv3r is a different game. imho it's more fun. Also a couple of people have complained about the controls. I've only played the ps2 version and on that the controls are almost the same as every other driving/fps game, where you move the camera around to change direction with one analog stick and then have forward/back/strafe on the other stick...

yeah right, it is too tempting to keep swapping cars all the time.. still haven't driven the forklift everyone's going on about..sounds cool

eighthour-. I have to reply to your completely negative review. What type of gamer are you really? Cos I think that some of your comments are unfounded. I saw this cos I am really enjoying the game and the moment, I've been playing it every day for hours since I got it (four days ago).

You are saying that this is Atari's AAA release but it doesn't live up to expectations.. I say this does live up to expectations. Cars handling is fun, missions are definately not poorly designed, I think they are pretty inventive... this is just for starters.

What exactly were you expecting? A Virtual Reality style Atari headset optimised specially for the game, bundled with it? Photo-realistic graphics? (not yet possible) Smell-generator as an add-on?(for realistic burning rubber smell when you screech away!) I think maybe you are expecting too much of the current generation of consoles. In my opinion this game ROCKS!

In fact, at one point THE TWO GUYS WERE HAVING A CONVERSATION!!!! Cool

It's well known that Atari employees, or people from other companies linked to Atari, have been coming on large forums to try and defend the game.

This seems like one of those instances.Need i say more...