Star Trek: Armada is goud. Hier kan je in twintig missions lekker gaan vechten . Activision today announced that the first real-time 3D strategy game set in the Next Generation universe, Armada, has been code released. The title is rated "E" through the ESRB and will hit store shelves later this month. In Armada, war rages across the Alpha Quadrant as gamers command four powerful races in a strategic struggle for survival. Throughout 20 missions, they engage in ship-to-ship combat while overseeing the construction, repair, and staffing of up to 30 starships ranging from battleships, cruisers, destroyers and scout ships, to cargo, transport and construction ships. Campaigns are comprised of a variety of tactical, combat, and protective missions that advance the overall story, including the eerie warnings of the Borg invasion and the ultimate Picard-Locutus showdown. Armada offers a variety of one-person missions ranging from large battles to small escort details, and an extensive range of story-driven online options for up to eight people.