Op Ga-rpg hebben ze een First Look gedaan van Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Deze RPG, gemaakt door de makers van Fallout, speelt zich af tijden de industriële revolutie en bevat naast techniek ook de nodige magic.Gameplay The Arcanum world will be a huge one, with lots of secret locations. Fortunately, you won't have to walk all the time, there are trains in the game. Most, if not all, quests will have multiple angles to work from. Thieves, techies, wizards, fighters and smooth-talkers will all be provided for, which should ensure a heap of replayability. The only thing that is known about the story so far is that the main character is the only survivor of a zeppelin (yes, they're in the game :-) ) crash while going on a holiday, and ends up doing a World Saving Quest that revolves around the tech/magic conflict. As far as the graphics engine for Arcanum goes, you can expect to find the game rendered in 800x600 in 16 bits color, and the look of the game is very similar to many games out right now with the isometric viewpoint. If the single player experience isn't enough for you, there's also... Multiplayer and an Editor! Arcanum features a whole slew of multiplayer features, mainly because of the fact that an editor is included. This means that you will be able to create your own game, both for single player and multiplayer. Troika claims that the editor is easy enough to use for ANYONE to do advanced scripting. The artists at Troika write their own scripts, something most of them had never done before. The editor is only limited by the fact that you can't import art or make your own zoomed out world map. Conclusion The most important feature of this game seems to be its VERSATILITY. This versatility is demonstrated by the game as follows: the RPG system has more stats and options than you will ever need, single player or multiplayer, real-time or turn-based, and magic or technology can be your focus. If Troika manages to make the design as kick ass as it seems now, this will be one huge treat for anyone who likes RPG's. I've been drooling over this game since late February, and if (no, WHEN) Troika delivers, I'm sure I'll keep drooling for quite some time to come. According to the official site, you should start looking for Arcanum on store shelves hopefully this September Lees hier meer over het spel. Ik hoop dat het niveau haalt van Fallout (2), want dat is toch 1 van mijn favoriete RPG's.