Sharkyextreme heeft een interview Leonard Boyarsky op hun site staan. Who the fuck is Leonard Boyarsky dan wel hoor ik je denken... nou, dat is wel toevallig een van de ontwikkelaars van Arcanum die druk bezig is dit RPG toppertje af te maken Leonard heeft heel wat vertellen in dit interview, dus voor de liefhebbers is het een must.Sharky Extreme: One thing that we were able to see in the previewable beta is that this game doesn't close players into a single path but instead the world is open and players can go just about anywhere. How populated with "stuff" will the final game be and how hard was it to create such an expansive world?

Leonard Boyarsky: Actually, we're surprised ourselves at just how many locations and how much “stuff” we've managed to cram into our world. There are still a lot of open areas, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a hidden surprise or two in the wilderness somewhere. It has been quite a challenge to not only create a huge world, but a huge open-ended world. The fact that there are so many ways to play through so many quests becomes overwhelming to us designers, at times.

Hier is het interview te lezen.

Dat wordt weer genieten als Arcanum uitkomt... weer een goede reden om een week vrij te nemen