Op de website van Arcanum, las ik dat aanstaande dinsdag de 'Open Beta Test' van dit spel zal gaan beginnen. Het spel zelf is geplanned om in februari 2001 in uit te komen.Sierra Studios and Troika Games are proud to announce that enrollment in the Arcanum beta test will begin next Tuesday, September 26th. The "Chapter One" testing session will encompass the first 20% of the total content found in the single-player game.

Selection for the beta test is based on a variety of criteria: system specs, experience with other games, and skill in documenting suggestions and communicating them clearly. Beta testers will get a pre-release version of the game, and will have access to a private message board to communicate directly with the developers at Troika Games.

All potential beta candidates are required to sign-up via a web form to be posted on this website Tuesday, September 26th at 9:00 AM PT (16:00 GMT).

Aanmelden kan dus aanstaande dinsdag, op deze site, succes