Jack in the Box Computing is druk bezig met hun titel Aquarius, weer zo'n titel die zich afspeelt in de ruimte omdat de aarde bijna geen resources meer heeft. Ok dat verhaal hebben we vaker gehoord maar zijn de graphics en de gameplay goed?

Jack in the Box heeft vandaag 14 exclusieve screens naar Gamespy gemailed en ik moet zeggen dat het er aardig uit ziet.During the 22nd century, the human race finally developed the technology to colonize the galaxy. They developed spacecraft capable of travelling to far solar systems, and capable of sustaining generations of people while they traveled there. This technology came just in time, since humans were already far overpopulating their own solar system.

Then it began. Hundreds of years of chemical usage and waste had seriously changed the atmosphere. This in turn caused a slow change in the composition of air. Oxygen content dropped as other gases took its place. First in some areas, then others, the air became unbreathable. Human science, which for generations had fought off countless environmental problems caused by mankind, was finally beaten...

Ik vindt de screens er iedergeval prachtig uitzien, zoals je ziet zijn er hier 2 voor de andere 12 kan je hier heen.