Er is een movie te downloaden van het actie/strategy spel Aquarius.

Als je nog nooit van het spel had gehoord dan staat er hieronder even wat info.Aquarius is a 3D action/strategy that can be played in either the first or third-person point of view. Your goal is to build and command armies in your quest to colonize the planet Aquarius. You will have to find resources and manage them to create a balance of production capable of defeating your opponent.

"Yawn," you say, "I've played a million games like that." However, Aquarius promises to go far beyond the typical strategy game. Aquarius won't only test your mind; it will also test your reflexes as you control individual units in combat. So, you won't have to rely solely on computer controlled minions to carry out your battle plans. You yourself can use your own combat skills to turn the tide of battle. Klik hier om de movie te downloaden en klik hier voor meer informatie en wat screens van het spel.