Actiontrip bekeek de nieuwste addon voor The Age of Empires 2. In dit deel zijn er 5 nieuwe volken die allemaal weer hun eigen units en voor- nadelen hebben.

Verder zijn er nieuwe maps en wat bugs gefixed.Some of you may not like how Microsoft handles their business, but you don't have to be a Sherlock to deduce that the company is rolling out one hit after another. Age of Empires II is one of the few remaining RTS games, able to compete with today's 3D hardware hogs, with its crisp and detailed 2D graphics. It is no wonder then that the new expansion pack The Conquerors (AoE2: TC) does exactly what it's intended to--enhance features, fix bugs in the sequel and provide new options. AoE2: TC should serve as an example for

other companies how an expansion pack should be done.

Many players complained of numerous faults and bugs (for example: slowdown in games) in The Age of Kings (AoE2: AoK). Ensemble Studios programmers promised a patch, but it never came; at least not a patch that actually fixed something. Instead, The Conquerors

Expansion was released a year later, and it had the cure for all those bugs plus a lot more. The waiting paid off…

Where do I begin, the expansion pack features a

whole slew of interesting new features... First, there

are five new nations added to the 13 old ones: Aztecs,

Huns, Koreans, Spanish and Mayan. Each of these

nations has different strategic methods on their way to success and victory. Also, they have unique assets in regard to others. Aztecs and Mayans each have a unit called Eagle Warrior that is an infantry and scout unit. Aztecs have an elite combat unit Jaguar Warrior that can stand its ground against any unit in the game, since it is heavily armored and stronger than any other infantry unit. The Mayas have their Plumed Archers, which are fast and efficient in combat, although not as good as the famous Chinese Chu Ko Nu units. As you've probably noticed, the Mayans and Aztecs

have infantry units only, so the players that choose these nations will have an interesting strategic position when facing nations with cavalry. Korean Turtle Ship and War Wagon are ideal for conquering enemy ships and objects because of the armor they provide. The Spanish have their Cavalry Conquistadors which are hand cannoneers, and they neutralize infantry units easily, especially the Monks. They are expensive for production and insufficient against rapid units. Then we have the Missionaries, which are Monks on

donkeys, with lesser conversion and sight range, but they are a much quicker unit. They receive all monk upgrades, but they cannot carry relics. My favorite new nation is The Huns. Their elite unit is Tarkan Raiders -Cavalry that are swift in destroying objects. The

manner in which they are animated is great, especially the little torches they carry in their hands. The thing that will make these crazy nomad barbarians popular is the population increase regardless of the number of houses-it is not necessary to build houses to increase the number of villagers or military units. (They make babies in the streets, dammit! - Ed.)

The AoE: TC graphic design is improved mainly by new terrain textures, maps, and wildlife creatures. The enhancements subtly improve the overall visuals, without redifining the standard (classic) design.

Finaly, as a bit of a novelty, AoE: TC includes maps of Texas, France and Britain, with their regional terrain characteristics… No gunslinging cowboys yet, but you never know… I wonder how Billy the Kid would do against Attila The Hun?

91% krijgt de addon. Verplichte kost voor alle fans dus.

Maar weet je het niet zeker dan kan je hier het nog eens nalezen.