Age of Empires kreeg een addon dus Age of Empires 2 ook zullen ze bij Ensemble Studios gedacht hebben. En groot gelijk want de serie is zeer populair. Deze addon laat de speler weer met nieuwe "beschavingen" kennis maken 2D real time strategies are still not dead. The two last year's blockbusters Age of Kings and Tiberium Sun only go to prove that. Still as the quality of Westwood's favorite remains highly disputable, there is no doubt that the Age of Kings have all the attributes of a well-rounded project and runner-up for the best game of its genre, ever.

It is a well-known fact that add-ons and expansion packs of the games that sold good, also sell good. Baring this in mind, the Ensemble Studios programmers (the creators of AOE serial) currently work on an add-on called AoE II: The Conquerors. The authors claim that the expansion pack will be much more than a simple bundle of new missions: it will introduce new civilizations and technologies, and it will have some features simplifying

microeconomics and the multiplayer mode. They really took the job for serious, so most of the fan sites had best map competitions open since March.

The gameplay itself won't change at all, so I'll concentrate on the novelties. The first obvious novelties are the four new campaigns. The history of Age Of Kings will be expanded with story of rise and fall of the empire of Attila the Hun, then the story of the Muslim invasion of Spain and its liberation and unification. There will also be Battles of the

Conquerors mode presenting some of the greatest battles through this part of history, and my personal favorite is the campaign depicting the life of Aztec and Maya.

New stories will also require new nations. The original thirteen civilizations got five new adversaries: The Huns, Spaniards, Korean, Aztec and Maya will have to fight for existence with their new units bonuses and technologies.

Ze laten wel weer zien dat je geen 3d hoeft te hebben om een goede game neer te zetten.

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