Don't believe the hype wordt wel eens gezegd. Bij Eurogamer gingen ze verder Don't believe the PS2. De nieuwe console van Sony wordt even aan grondige kritiek onderworpen.The PlayStation 2 is surely the most hyped console in the history of gaming, with the media and gamers alike drooling over the incredible polygon pushing power of the machine. Thanks to the constant hype, the console's initial run of around 50,000 units which are due to ship

on the Friday 24th November launch day in the UK had virtually sold out within a few days of the pre-order scheme going live, despite the rather excessive £300 price tag. And that's where the problems begin...

Although the PlayStation 2 is undoubtedly the most

advanced console released to date, and will shift as many units here in Europe in two months as Sega have sold Dreamcasts in an entire year, in the short-term its launch is likely to be something of a disappointment for gamers, retailers and publishers alike.

With not enough consoles available to keep up with demand, and a cacophany of expensive and mostly uninspiring launch titles vying for the attention of the lucky gamers who do manage to get their hands on a PS2, sales of most games are likely to leave their publishers deeply unimpressed.

Maar iedereen wil vrienden van Sony blijven daarom staat er onderaan een disclaimer...slimme jongens/meisjes bij Eurogamer.