Er is een anti-clan site opgericht. Niemand is hier echt de leider van:I was playing a few games of tfc and somebody said "" To join the official anti-clan life for the gaming preservation cause" well i looked it up and it is strictly anti-clan makes sense if you care to read, i joined it too. This seems to be the only legitimate anti-clan site out there that isn't a clan in disguise i love it! Well i spoke to several of the active members asking why aren't you a clan by now? they said : "it's been 5 long years we have fought for what we believed and we will not let it down now or anytime soon. The leadership is kept in all of the active members and we plan on keeping it that way so that our 'leadership' is kept non-clan, instead of with one person making all the choices who will eventually destroy years of anti-clanness we worked so long for." LOL it's female majority too. Seems to appeal to girls more than it does for egotistical men. So until more males join the females are head hehehehehehe.