Na een kleine verwarring rondom 1602 is er dan toch een aankondiging van de opvolger, met de orginele naam Anno 1503.With the North American release of GT Interactive and Sunflower's real-time strategy title 1602 A.D. still pending for Quarter 1 2000, North American gamers might be surprised to find out that a sequel to the popular European offering has been in development since January 1999. Titled Anno 1503: Setting Out For a New World, the game leads people further into the past to an age of discoveries and conquest. Historical precision and a love for architectural detail should be evident throughout, from the overall design to the appearance of the buildings. A new graphics engine has been developed for the representation of the main map that allows forlarger landmasses than in 1602. The new engine also supports 3D graphics cards for such visual effects as fog, transparencies and lighting. This will enable the landscapes to appear much more natural and realistic, claim the developers. Anno 1503 will offer manifold interesting novelties, such as new native races. Furthermore, the different races will have individual needs and character traits, which will challenge explorers assessing a new land. This means an increase in the long-term motivation and fun, as well as a whole new universe of facts, features and strategies to discover. No word on whether or not a North American release is planned or when the game will be out. We will have more coverage on this title as it becomes available.