Angela Jolie is nerveus, en wel voor de premiere van de film Tomb Raider: The Movie. De Tomb Raider serie heeft namelijk al meer dan $500 miljoen opgebracht en een flop zou dan ook niet goed op het conto van lieve Angela staan .Angelina Jolie is nervous.

Yes, that's right. The Oscar-winning, headline-grabbing actress is worried about how her turn as popular video-game heroine will be received when the movie version of Tomb Raider hits theaters in June.

"There are so many people who love this game," she told the AP enterainment writer Christy Lemire in a telephone interview this week. "She's their girl, and you don't want to take away the thing they love about her. You hope you do justice to what everyone wanted. You pray you got it right." Hopen dus maar dat dat goed gaat...

Ook blijkt dat Tomb Raider the Movie ongelooflijk veel van de actrice vroeg. While she couldn't divulge much about the plot, Jolie, 25, said the role was one of the most physically demanding of her career. She had to learn boxing, kickboxing, yoga, bungee ballet, dogsledding, gymnastics and weapons training -- some of which she already knew as an avid dagger collector.

"It's like joining the army," she said. "I almost recommend to everyone sending themselves off to some insane boot camp and traveling the world and taking themselves out of their normal life and getting free."