PC.IGn kreeg de kans om met een beta van Anarchy Online aan de slag te gaan, de MMORPG van Funsoft. Ze waren erg onder de indruk van deze titel, zelfs in deze status van ontwikkeling (vroege beta).We've already talked a lot about the basics of the game, so let's get into some specifics from the beta. As with most online RPGs, the first thing you'll do when you step into the world Anarchy Online is create your online persona. Like we mentioned in an earlier preview, the character creation system is all in-game. You begin with a blank 3D paper doll model, first choosing your race from the "normal" Homo Solitus, the wily and agile Homo Opifex, the technological talented Homo Nano, or the brutish pinheaded Homo Atrox. With the exception of the masculine, testosterone laden Atrox, each race has both a male and female model. Next you'll proceed to the customized look section of the character creation process, where you can set your height (short, normal, or tall) and weight (skinny, normal, or fatty fatty fat fat), as well as choose the basic look of your character. This part of the game turned us all into fashion divas, and at one point I swear I heard Steve say, "Oh, I don't know if that pink mohawk looks good on me. I think the spiky ponytail is more my look."

Je kunt verder lezen of nog een berg screenshots gaan bekijken bij PC.IGn.