Anarchy Online, de MMORPG die eind dit jaar in productie zal treden (mits er geen Daikatana achtige praktijken plaatsvinden) zal heel misschien ook naar de XBox worden geport. Funcom, de creators van Anarchy Online, gaven een interview waarin ze duidelijk maakten geen interesse in de Playstation 2 te hebben, maar wel in de XBox, omdat die meer op de PC leek en meer internet gericht was.IGN Xbox: Did you try to initially develop for the Playstation 2? What was the deciding factor in moving over to the Xbox? ML: We did research on both Playstation 2 and the Xbox for several months to see which of the two alternatives that would suit our organization best. After an overall evaluation, we decided to go for the Xbox. However, this does not indicate that we do not believe in the Playstation 2 console. We know what Playstation 2 can perform, and we believe it will do extremely well. But smaller companies like Funcom must sometimes take difficult decisions to remain focused. And for us, Xbox was the best alternative.IGN Xbox: With the company heading towards console development, does this mean we'll see less PC product from Funcom in the future?

ML: No. Funcom will, as mentioned, continue to develop multi-player Internet products. Our games will then be available on the PC or on the Xbox - or on both.