Hype, hype, welke hype. Anarchy Online wordt steeds meer een hype. Nu het bericht dat er mogelijk een TV-serie van komt. Natuurlijk weer alles onder voor behoud, maar wie weet kijkt men binnenkort naar Anarchy Online The series. During last month's ECTS, a few TV companies expressed an interest in Funcom's highly anticipated massively multiplayer RPG, anarchy Online. FGN Online spoke to

Producer Tommy Strand about the possibility of a TV series inside…

According to Strand, the developer had already written scripts to play out the many animations each character has in the massively multiplayer online RPG. "We've actually written a little script to play out all those animations and are going to use them to play a movie within the game," said Strand.

It seems as though the visuals from the game might

also be used in a future TV project – depending on

the amount of work involved. "We had TV companies drop by our booth at ECTS in September. They were interested in doing a series using the in-game graphics. Nothing has been signed yet and I don't know the names of specific companies, but we're going to check out how much extra work it would be." Concurrentie voor GTST, Goudkust en Kabouter Plop ?, wie zal het zeggen