IGN PC heeft een interview gedaan met de lead programmer (Martin Amor) van Anarchy Online. Dit is een online sci-fi rpg game. Hieronder een knipje eruit en wat (zeer mooie) screenies!IGNPC: From what we've seen of the game so far, Anarchy Online seems to take place in a totally unique gameworld, not relying on any particular mythologies or set of legends for inspiration. Why go outside the lines of an already established universe and develop your own gameworld? Do you think a unique universe offers gamers more than a world with established standards and traditions? And what was the decision process behind going with a sci-fi world as opposed to a fantasy world like most other online RPGs? Martin Amor: When we started the project back in 1996, we really didn't take the fantasy world into consideration at all. I remember all the team members sitting in one room brain storming to get ideas for the setting of the game and we all silently agreed on the science fiction plot. We never even talked about it - I guess we are just into the sci-fi thing.