GameSpy heeft op ECTS wat informatie vrij weten te krijgen over Anarchy Online. Veel soeps is het artikel niet, maar wat wel interessant is wat ze over de character creation en behuizing te weten zijn gekomen. De character creation wordt dus nog uitgebreider dan in bv. Diablo II of EverQuest, wat ook wel moet met zo'n eng grote wereld. Ik denk niet dat je met 40.000 andere spelers op de server wil zitten terwijl 1/3e dezelfde skin heeft als jij.For role-playing encounters of a more social nature, Funcom provides the opportunity for each character to have his own apartment, which can be designed and upgraded given sufficient resources. These apartments only have a virtual location in high-rise buildings, so Rubi-Ka can never run own of room for player houses.

Character creation is similarly designed to give as much room for customization as possible. A number of different breeds inhabit Rubi-Ka: conventional humans, as well as brutish Atrox, agile Opifex, and the mysterious Nano spell-casters. An intuitive in-engine character creation system has been built into the game that will let you choose from 20 to 25 faces per breed, which have a number of different hairstyles and other distinguishing marks. Here you can also make your character appear skinnier or heavier. There are also twelve major specializations to choose from, each of which gives special abilities and skill proficiencies. Some of theses classes include an engineer who can build robots that can travel and fight independently of your character, as well as support roles like medics and bureaucrats. Doe mij maar een villa met zwembad, en natuurlijk veel rottweilers tegen de Omni-Tek