De eerste beta fases zijn alweer aan de gang (1000 mensen) en op ECTS werd de beta ook al vertoond. FunCom kan dus niet helemaal meer controleren wat er allemaal bekend wordt over Anarchy Online. Om die reden hebben ze dus zelf maar een 'Beta Leaks' section opgericht op de site van beta testers zelf.The opening led to Stret East Bank, and I followed the coast until I hit upon the most impressive site I've seen so far - a spaceport. This place is sweet, it's guarded by Assassin Droids (who seem quite tame, though I did keep a respectable distance) and there is an opening in the fence if you head to the far corner (I couldn't open the gate). I don't know whether the droids will attack when you enter the compound, my client crashed about ten seconds after entering. The ships look superb, think a souped-up version of Slave-1 from Star Wars and you're nearly there (thumbs up to designers!). I'm definitely going to investigate this place further when I next log on.

So far, this game oozes class. I've yet to play a game in this genre that has so much atmosphere.'

Even uitrusten en van de zonsondergang genieten na een zware dag vechten