Barrysworld heeft een blik geworpen op Anachronox, een RPG waar Ionstorm op dit moment druk mee bezig is. Na de gigantische flop Daikatana en het indrukwekkende Deus Ex kan het met Anachronox alle kanten op, en voorlop lijkt het een topper te worden.

Het met de Quake2 (!) engine gemaakt spel ziet er vrij aardig uit en met de mogelijkheden van het spel lijkt het ook wel snor te zitten.The game as a whole has a very strong back-story which is transmitted to you through the cut scenes, and here you can see some more of the work that has gone into the game. Each model has been created with the ability to deform the facial model and skin, allowing lip-synch to be incorporated, along with character emotions that greatly enhance the emotional involvement of this game. The intentions has always been to ensure the game is a playable and enjoyable experience, drawing you into it and getting you involved with the characters themselves. The designers have made a number of game play decisions to back this up, one of the most obvious being the removal of accidental death through falling from great heights - which means you can't walk off the edge of a cliff. There has also been a conscious decision to emulate the game play stle of Shigeru Myamoto, with the game play starting easy, getting progressively harder, then once you have mastered your skills, the game gets easy again, but you have a new skill or item to play with, and the difficulty starts increasing again. This style of game play flow serves to keep the game interesting, and to avoid the 'it just gets harder and harder' as you go along. Veel info over het spel en nog een paar mooie screenshots kan op je barrysworld vinden.