kreeg de kans om op bezoek te gaan bij ION Storm. Daar kregen ze een voorproefje op Anachronox, een veelbelovende RPG gebasseerd op een sterk verbeterde Quake2 engine. Het spel (dat al 3 jaar in ontwikkeling is) ziet er veelbelovend uit en zou ergens volgend jaar uit moeten komen.The sixth possible action on the battlefield is move. Move allows you to draw in one space closer or farther from the enemy party. Sometimes, as the enemies in front of a battle party die, it becomes necessary for your melee fighters to move in closer, so their attacks become more effective. Also, any of your ranged attackers caught out in front can retreat a little bit for added defense. Moving allows you to make these kinds of adjustments.

Hall expects Anachronox to go "fully alpha" by this Christmas, and should deliver 30-40 hours of gameplay. With that in mind, it's probable that we'll finally get to play the full game sometime in the first half of next year. Our demo left us with a promising, hopeful impression. Anachronox injects a much needed shot of humor into the PC RPG genre, and offers PC gamers a taste of what console players have enjoyed for years. Interested console gamers shouldn't fret - Hall mentioned that they are looking to port Anachronox to a "couple of different consoles." He left it up to us to determine which ones he was talking about. If you are curious about console-style RPGs but could never quite get into Squaresoft's storylines, then Anachronox might be right up your alley.

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