3D Action Planet heeft een preview geregeld van de nieuwe game van Cavedog. Amen: The Awakening zal een kruising worden tussen Half-Life en System Shock 2. De screenies zien er erg kewl uit, en het stukkie ook wel!The story-line is obviously taken care of quite well. There will be many characters other than Bishop, like General Dwight, a battle-hardened veteran who worked his way up from a position much the same as Bishop holds, and Sumant Sristava, a computer-hacker-turned-good who works for the Resistance as a software expert. The characters have obviously been fleshed out and developed completely, and should add much to the gaming experience.

All in all, Amen: The Awakening looks to be going well. With an intense storyline and cinematic gameplay, look for this game to take its place next to the likes of Half-Life and System Shock 2 in early 2000.